PhD opportunity in reintroduction biology of threatened mammals »

We are offering an exciting opportunity to undertake a PhD program at the Fenner School of Environment and Society at The Australian National University. The scope of potential research is broad, but must have a clear focus on the reintroduction biology of threatened mammals in south-eastern Australia.

Fenner in the News - Logging in Melbourne's water catchment sucking up water supply »

Logging in Melbourne's largest water catchment is reducing the local water supply by the equivalent of 250,000 people's annual water use, according to a new study from the Australian National University.

Seminar - Towards Ecological Democracy - a political theory for the 21st century

Green Institute Executive Director, Tim Hollo, presents a theory of ecological democracy which seeks to apply the fundamentals of ecology to politics, articulating a vision of interconnection, interdependence, and resilience in diversity. Active, constructive critique and participation are welcome.

Seminar - Seeding biodiversity: Japanese farmers’ seed-saving practices, values, and culture

Plummeting crop diversity threatens food system resilience globally. While across the industrial world, farmers and breeders are increasingly relying on off-farm procurement and conservation of seeds, on-farm seed saving is still critically important.