Fenner in the News - Incredible, secret firefighting mission saves famous 'dinosaur trees' »

Efforts by firefighters on the ground and in the air have saved the only known natural grove of the world-famous Wollemi pines from destruction during the record-breaking bushfires in NSW.

Fenner in the News - Avoid over-zealous clean-up after bushfires: scientists »

While parts of Australia are now beginning to rebuild after devastating bushfires, an inevitable part of that is clearing the debris, including ash and fallen trees - but scientists are warning people not to be over-zealous in that work.

The 11th Jack Westoby Lecture - Enabling Women in Forest Sciences

In this Jack Westoby Lecture, Dr. Daniela Kleinschmit will present some evidence about women in forest sciences, focusing on graduates and their professional life, perceptions and ideas for the future articulated by today’s female forestry students and about trends of women in leadership roles in forest sciences. She will draw from these to propose ideas for activities fostering women’s roles in forest sciences, in particular through international forest science networks.