If receiving your fruit and veg box makes you feel weirdly happy, you're not alone »

A researcher from the Fenner School of Environment and Society at ANU has found the benefits of some fresh produce schemes extend beyond the convenience of skipping supermarket queues: it seems the humble fruit and veggie box can make some people feel happier.

Fenner in the News - Logging Australia's native forests »

Professor Peter Kanowski, Professor David Lindenmayer, and Dr John Dargavel from the Fenner School spoke with Radio National's Rear Vision on ABC Radio National about Australia's forest wars.

Online Fenner School Shut Up And Write Sessions

The Fenner School is hosting dedicated online community writing sessions for Fenner students and staff. There are two sessions a week.

Public Seminar - Navigating the Politics of Commonwealth Endangered Species Legislation

As Australia faces a species extinction crisis, the Environment Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act is up for review. The talk traces the political games played in the development of Commonwealth Endangered Species legislation and where to from here.