The government’s Murray-Darling bill is a step forward, but still not enough »

This week, the Senate is debating changes to Australia’s most important water laws. These changes seek to rescue the ailing A$13 billion Murray-Darling Basin Plan to improve the health of our nation’s largest river system.

Animals facing eviction from homes as hotter temperatures could spark global displacement »

Marine animals across the world and land animals living in tropical climates are being pushed to their physiological limits as they struggle to adapt to rising temperatures sparked by human-caused climate change.

PhD Exit Seminar: Breeding biology and population dynamics of the Norfolk Island green parrot (Cyanoramphus cookii)

Discover the unique challenges faced by island species at this week's seminar. Explore how Daniel's PhD research on the endangered Norfolk Island green parrot informs vital conservation strategies, tackling issues like habitat loss and invasive species. Join us to learn about safeguarding these unique island dwellers.