Free as a bird: how forensic genomics is helping to stop wildlife trafficking »

Dubbed "CSI, but for parrots", Dr George Olah is creating a forensic genomic toolkit which will help authorities to track the routes of illegally traded birds poached from the wild in Indonesia.

New data confirms swift parrot population fears »

A new evaluation from ANU scientists of the number of swift parrots left in the wild has confirmed their population size is likely only a few hundred and declining rapidly. 

Fenner Seminar: Democratic, just, and inclusive urban greening

Join us to learn more about Nature-Based solutions with Fenner's Associate Prof. Sarah Clement.

PhD Seminar: Journeying from the bush to the internet and back: Exploring the role of social enterprises led by Aboriginal women in Australia's...

Explore how Aboriginal women in Australia leverage natural resources for economic growth, innovatively managing enterprises while upholding sustainability & tradition. Join us to uncover their journeys & the impact of female-focused, culturally sensitive approaches in social enterprises.