ANU Podcast: In conversation with Tim Flannery »

Tim Flannery is in conversation with David Lindenmayer about Tim's new book, Europe: A Natural History.

Transforming the land through local empowerment: the story of smallholder irrigation schemes in Africa »

No single intervention will make smallholder irrigation schemes in Africa work; rather, multiple complementary interventions are needed for farmers to use their irrigation schemes to generate good livelihoods sustainably.

The genetic and demographic impacts of contemporary disturbance regimes in mountain ash (Eucalyptus regnans) forests

In this seminar Brenton Von Takach Dukai will examine how mountain ash forests are responding to anthropogenic pressures: examining their reproductive output in the early stages of development, the species-wide genetic structure, hybridisation with messmate stringybark, and effects of logging on the population.

Tree Planting at the ANU Research Forest

The ANU Research Forest at the National Arboretum includes a designed experiment to examine the physiological and environmental responses and effects of different moisture regimes on Eucalypts.