Fenner in the News - Australia's bushfires show drastic effects of climate change »

60 Minutes CBS (USA) spoke to Dr Joelle Gergis from the Fenner School of Environment & Society about the link between the recent summer bushfires and climate change.

Fenner in the News - ANU project aiming to 'give the Murray a voice' »

An ANU project wants to connect Australians with the Murray-Darling and shed light on the waterways' health by capturing its sights and sounds. ABC Radio National Breakfast spoke to Fenner scientists.

Africa and its People: Interdisciplinary lessons from ANU research

This symposium style event will examine the ANU's research work in Africa, and facilitate interdisciplinary discussion and collaboration.

Rural households' decision-making and livelihood trajectories in the Northern Lao crop boom

PhD Mid Term Review The rural households who comprise three-quarters of Laos’ population are moving from subsistence- to market-oriented crops, encouraged by both national policies to commercialise agriculture and Laos’ proximity to major Asian markets.