Intimate private lives of blue whales revealed for the first time »

Some of the first ever recorded evidence of reproduction in blue whales, including underwater footage of a mother nursing its calf, has been captured as part of a decade-long research and citizen science program led by the ANU.

Governance for Planetary Health Equity – The Planetary Health Equity Hothouse project

Planetary health equity (PHE) is defined here as the equitable enjoyment of good health in a stable Earth system. PHE is in crisis. Despite evidence of these massive challenges and multiple calls to action, why has there been so little effective remedial action? And more importantly, how can we overcome this failure?

Regional climate modelling for assessing anthropogenic influences on extreme heat stress

Explore how regional climate models reveal the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions and urban growth on heat stress in China's Pearl and Yangtze River Deltas, highlighting the increasing risks of dangerous heat levels.

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