Fenner in the news - The great unravelling: 'I never thought I’d live to see the horror of planetary collapse' »

As a climate scientist watching the most destructive bushfires in Australian history unfold, Joelle Gergis feels like she is witnessing the collapse of the biosphere.

Every year in Australia, nature grows 8 new trees for you — but that alone won’t fix climate change »

From Tasmania’s majestic forest giants to the eucalypt on your nature strip, trees in Australia are many, varied and sometimes huge. But how many are there exactly? And how does their number change over time?

Public Seminar - The sociology of energy transformations

This presentation explores sociological insights into rural energy developments and the possibilities for and barriers to just decarbonisation. Beck Pearse presents some of her research into ‘eco-social’ contestations over new coal mines and large wind and solar utilities in rural NSW.

Information Session - Hydropower and GHG emissions in the Mekong

Interested in the future of hydropower in the Mekong River Basin? Experts from around the world will be presenting on land use changes, sedimentation, direct and indirect GHG emissions, and much more.