Regent honeyeaters were once kings of flowering gums. Now they’re on the edge of extinction. What happened? »

Less than 80 years ago, regent honeyeaters ruled Australia’s flowering gum forests, with huge raucous flocks roaming from Adelaide to Rockhampton. Now, there are less than 300 birds left in the wild. Habitat loss has pushed the survivors into little pockets across their once vast range.

Two guys. Two kayaks. And 2500km to make the Murray River sing. »

If a river could speak, what would it tell you? Climb aboard and be prepared to get wet.

PhD Seminar (and field trip ) - Are storm water systems inevitable?

In this seminar, Kate Harriden will present research that uses frameworks and methods from Indigenous science(s) to challenge the form and function of storm water channels, in the quest for improved urban stream outcomes.