Fenner Forestry professor awarded honorary doctorate from the University of Freiburg in Germany  »

Fenner School professor Dr Peter Kanowski is one of the most renowned researchers worldwide in the field of international forest governance - and just recently was awarded an honorary doctorate from University of Freiburg Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources.

Fenner in the News - What dwindling bee population means for our food supply (News Corp) »

Without bees, dinners could look very different and cost a lot more than they do today. Professor Saul Cunningham talks to to News Corp about the importance of bees to our agriculture systems.

AMOS Student Pizza Night

Open to all students with an interest in weather, climate and oceanography areas with presentations and networking.

Public Seminar - Forests and water - advances and controversies

Reliable water is essential to our lives and livelihoods, but more than half the world’s population suffer from water scarcity. new research suggests that forests and trees play a much greater role in maintaining global rainfall patterns than was previously realized. Could this mean a whole new value for forests?