Fenner in the News - 'Not adequate': experts rate Australian political response to extinction crisis »

Associate Professor Philip Gibbons gives his thoughts on the major political parties environmental platforms and promises ahead of the 2019 Australian Federal Election in this article in the Guardian.

Fenner in the News - 'UN report details catastrophic collapse of earth's biodiversity' »

Professor Saul Cunningham speaks with The Wire about the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) report into biodiversity loss.

Seminar - Interactions between planetary boundaries amplify human impacts on the Earth system

In this seminar Dr Steven Lade discuss ‘Planetary boundaries’, the safe operating space for humanity as a precondition for sustainable development, and the challenges and conflicts it poses.

National Science Week - Living with Climate Change Panel Discussion

The effects of climate change are already a reality for much of the world's population. As we continue into the future, how will we live our daily lives, and tackle the larger political, economic and social challenges which lie ahead? Join us for this panel discussion with climate and policy experts from the ANU.