Fenner in the News - Australia's bushfires show drastic effects of climate change »

60 Minutes CBS (USA) spoke to Dr Joelle Gergis from the Fenner School of Environment & Society about the link between the recent summer bushfires and climate change.

Fenner in the News - The brumby cull debate fires up »

Ecologists say the bushfires have done such damage to the Kosciuszko National Park that if brumbies aren't culled they'll wipe out native species. Triple j's 'Hack' program gives the latest on this long-running debate, chatting to Professor Jamie Pittock.

The 11th Jack Westoby Lecture - Enabling Women in Forest Sciences

In this Jack Westoby Lecture, Dr. Daniela Kleinschmit will present some evidence about women in forest sciences, focusing on graduates and their professional life, perceptions and ideas for the future articulated by today’s female forestry students and about trends of women in leadership roles in forest sciences. She will draw from these to propose ideas for activities fostering women’s roles in forest sciences, in particular through international forest science networks.

Africa and its People: Interdisciplinary lessons from ANU research

This symposium style event will examine the ANU's research work in Africa, and facilitate interdisciplinary discussion and collaboration.