ANU Podcast: In conversation with Tim Flannery »

Tim Flannery is in conversation with David Lindenmayer about Tim's new book, Europe: A Natural History.

Transforming the land through local empowerment: the story of smallholder irrigation schemes in Africa »

No single intervention will make smallholder irrigation schemes in Africa work; rather, multiple complementary interventions are needed for farmers to use their irrigation schemes to generate good livelihoods sustainably.

Fundraiser Lunch: Indonesian Earthquake

On Monday 22nd of October we will have a fundraiser Lunch and during that time we will be selling curries/rice/roti, curries, rice and roti. We will also have native plants for sale and will be raffling off cakes and wine. Please come and buy some yummy curries for lunch and contribute towards a good cause!

Increasing the detail of analysis to better understand the determinants of residential energy and water consumption

Urbanisation results in the concentration of resource consumption and related environmental pressures into relatively small areas. Can our urbanised cities be made more sustainable?