Fenner School Shut Up And Write

Shut Up and Write is online during lockdown!

Shut Up and Write is a weekly writing meet-up, to support staff and students across FSES, RSB and RSES, to achieve their writing and work goals as a community. Every session the community runs three timed sessions with short tea breaks, to focus on their writing.

You can spend the time working on a paper, your PhD, your Honours project, your lesson plans, crunching data, or anything else.
You can attend one session, or attend them all! You can turn up for an hour, or for the whole morning - it's up to you.

To register, email Rosanna Stevens, and she will add you to a calendar reminder with the Zoom link and login details, a shared timer online that the group uses to timekeep, and a small local mailing list that reminds participants when Shut Up and Write is on. The writing session is held 9.30am - 12pm online every Thursday via Zoom.