Higher Degree Research Symposium

Please email hdr.coordinator.fses@anu.edu.au to be involved.


Wednesday 8 September 2021:

11:00  –  11.30     Josh Coates (Thesis Proposal Review moderated by Saul Cunningham)
                               Plant-Pollinator Networks in Alpine Australia: Implications Under Climate


11.30  –  12.00     Rachel Taylor (Thesis Proposal Review moderated by Luigi Renzullo)
                               Forecasting Australian Fire Weather

       12.00              Break

1.00  –  1.30         CANCELLED

1.30  –  2.00         Jenna Ridley (Thesis Proposal Review moderated by David Lindenmayer)
                               Post-fire management and conservation of the Greater Glider

2.00  –  2.30         Jackie O’Sullivan (Mid term Review moderated by David Lindenmayer)
                               Conservation outcomes of restoring bushrock in agricultural landscapes


Thursday 9 September 2021:


9:15  –  9.30         The Fenner Circle: Discussion group on decolonising science and practice
                               Jenna Ridley and Claudia Munera presenting


9.30  –  10.00       Daniel Gautschi (Thesis Proposal Review moderated by Rob Heinsohn)
                               Population dynamics and breeding biology of the Norfolk Island Green


10.00  –  10.30     Daniel Appleby (Thesis Proposal Review moderated by Rob Heinsohn)
                               Born to be re-wild: improving Regent honeyeater song cultures in captivity 

       10.30              Break

11.00  –  11.30     Cara Parsons (Mid term Review moderated by Phil Gibbons)
                               Exploring the conservation of mature trees in urban areas

11.30  –  12.00     Caroline Rosello (Mid term Review moderated by Joseph Guillaume)
                               Developing decision-maker capabilities for adaptive and robust water
                               resources planning under irreducible uncertainty


12.00  –  12.30     Yuqing Chen (Mid term Review moderated by Michael Vardon)
                               Applications of ecosystem accounting to support natural resource
                               management and environmental protection in the ACT and beyond