PhD Seminar: Impacts of extrinsic threats on swift parrot population dynamics

Forest-dependent species are highly vulnerable to forest loss. Disturbances to forest ecosystems can remove key resources and compound invasive species impacts, with negative consequences for species demography. Knowledge and abatement of threats is essential for species recovery but this can be hampered in rare species by limited data and uncertainty. The swift parrot (Lathamus discolor) is an example of a specialist forest-dependent species threatened by habitat loss and an invasive mesopredator (the sugar glider Petaurus notatus).

Giselle’s PhD explores key ecological interactions contributing to population decline in the swift parrot’s breeding range in Tasmania. Her research aims to address knowledge gaps hindering species recovery.


About the Speaker

Giselle is a PhD candidate at the Fenner School of Environment and Society and is with the Difficult Birds Research Group. Her research interests focus on conservation of threatened species, with a particular focus on forest ecosystems and hollow-dependent species. Giselle previously completed her Honours at ANU in 2019, also on swift parrot conservation and sugar gliders. She has worked as a research assistant on swift parrot nest monitoring and other threatened bird projects.