Wild Science: Discover the environmental and agricultural side of lab work

Join one of our two sessions where we invite you to experience a hands-on hour-long taster of what it’s like to study at The Fenner School.

We’re offering a group of Open Day visitors the opportunity to immerse yourselves in just some of the environmental, agricultural, and forestry science we do here at the Fenner school, plus a guided tour of our outstanding laboratory facilities. What do labs have to do with Environmental Science? You can find out at this event, and prepare yourself for some of the cool things we do by checking out this story.

Meet Dr Rachael Rodney Harris and Dr James Latimer as they take you to the Fenner School laboratories, invite you to participate in some scientific activities, and take you on a tour of the labs so you can get a sense of what we do here at The Fenner School!

You can also check out all the courses you can take with us that involve using the labs, by clicking here.


Tour 1: 12pm – 1pm

Tour 2: 1.30pm – 2.30pm

How to get there: 

Lab tour participants will convene at the bridge crossing Sullivan's Creek, located behind the ANU Aquatic Centre, and will be walked over to The Fenner School by our academics. You can find a map below detailing the meeting spot:


Which Environmental Science courses use the Fenner School labs?

ENVS1003 Introduction to Environmental and Social Research
ENVS1004 Australia's Environment
ENVS2020 Water Science
ENVS2002 Environmental Measurement, Modelling and Monitoring
ENVS3016 Environmental Chemistry and Systems
ENVS3029 Palaeo-Environmental Reconstruction
ENGN3901 Environmental Fluid Mechanics
ENGN3903 Environmental Sensing, Mapping and Modelling
Third-year special topics projects (build your own)
Honours/masters projects