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1–2pm 7 August
By Dr Christopher Cvitanovic

In this talk, Dr Chris Cvitanovic will argue that a shift in the academic study of science-policy-practice interfaces is needed, towards the study of ‘bright spots’ – situations where science has successfully influenced and impacted on policy and practice.

1.30–4.30pm 18 August
By Dr Kate Auty ACT Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment , Professor Jamie Pittock, Dr Liz Hanna ANU, Emeritus Professor Janette Lindesay , Dr Annette Hirsch, Dr Matthew Colloff, Dr Steven Crimp

The effects of climate change are already a reality for much of the world's population. As we continue into the future, how will we live our daily lives, and tackle the larger political, economic and social challenges which lie ahead? Join us for this panel discussion with climate and policy experts from the ANU.