Are Koala's nearing extinction?

16 November 2017

Hear Associate Professor Cris Brack discuss what can be done to stop the decline of koala numbers in Australia [30:33 - 37:46] on Canberra Radio ABC666 with Adam Shirley.

Chris discusses how difficult koalas are to find and see, with the most common way to survey them being by finding their scats (poos). 

Habitat loss is a big problem wth land conversion in particular impacting on them with their prime realestate of high quality woodlands being turned into farms. Another big issue is the increase in temperatures and bushfires caused by climate change, which causes the animals to retreat into creeks and river systems and gorges.  They need access to these areas, and if their access is cut-off by human development, it makes it difficult for them to survive.  

Chris and Adam discuss these and a range of issues surrounding the decline in koala numbers in Australia.