BENSU 2.0 coming in 2025

Did you know that the Fenner School's Bachelor of Environment and Sustainability has been revamped and will launch in Semester 1, 2025?

Maintaining the balance between our environment and human development is challenging. The future needs you to work on sustainable solutions to issues including increasing biodiversity loss, urbanisation and climate change.

The ANU Bachelor of Environment & Sustainability stands as a contemporary educational offering, synthesising disciplines encompassing environmental science, policy, and social sciences. This comprehensive curriculum equips students to confront the intricate challenges of sustainability through a multifaceted environmental education.

Throughout the programme, students are encouraged to intertwine insights gleaned from both natural and social sciences, fostering a holistic understanding of environmental issues. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to delve deeper into specialised areas of study, enhancing their expertise in selected domains.

For those committed to tackling the myriad challenges and opportunities that define this century, this degree serves as a robust foundation for various professional paths within environmental science, sustainable management, and environmental policy.

Scope of Study

The Bachelor of Environment & Sustainability offers students a rich and diverse educational experience, combining breadth and depth within the field. Core courses furnish students with a comprehensive understanding of environmental dynamics, preparing them to navigate the complexities of environmental practice. Additionally, students have the flexibility to pursue specialisations ranging from Biodiversity and Forest Management to Sustainability and Future Climate, Land and Water Conservation, and Agricultural Innovation. Moreover, the programme accommodates interdisciplinary exploration, allowing students to pursue supplementary courses spanning scientific disciplines and other academic domains within the university.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the programme find themselves equipped for a wide array of career trajectories mirroring the diverse facets of environmental stewardship. Many alumni hold positions in governmental policy-making, water resources management, environmental stewardship, urban planning and sustainability, international development, and climate change adaptation consulting.

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