Dr Crid Fraser - investigates the impacts of marine uplift following November earthquake in NZ

22 November 2016

ACT Scientist of the Year, Dr Ceridwen Fraser (Crid), has returned today from the east coast of New Zealand, where she has been looking at the immediate impact of the recent earthquake, and how that disturbance has affected patterns of biological diversity in kelp.

As visible from the images - the coast-line has risen up to six (6) metres above sea level. Crid and her team hired a small plane to view the enormity of the impact as well as taking samples of the exposed kelp. Results not yet available.  Crid intends returning to the same sites in 12 months time to collect more sampes which will then be used as a comparison with the samples just collected.  Crid 's research will go towards detailing her studies into the impact of marine uplift within the tidal zone.

Listen to Crid's interview on Radio NZ.