Fenner in the news - Reconciling people and place

16 July 2020

Dr Matt Colloff was interviewed by Phillip Adams on Late NIght Live, Radio National, on Tuesday 30 June, about his new book, Landscapes of Our Hearts: Reconciling People and Environment.

Of the book, the publisher's blurb says:

"A compelling exploration of this country’s diverse landscapes which examines how a re-engagement with the environment may offer all Australians a shared path to reconciliation. 

On this ancient continent, waves of people have made their mark on the landscape; in turn, it too has shaped them. If we look afresh at our history through the land we live on, might Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians find a path to a shared future? 

An epic exploration of our relationship with this country, Landscapes of Our Hearts takes us from the Great Barrier Reef to the Central Desert, the High Country to Canberra’s Limestone Plains.

It is a book of hope and offers the possibility that a renewed connection to the landscape and to each other could pave the way towards reconciliation. It will change the way you see this land."

Listen to the interview at the ABC website.

More details about the book can be read here.