Fenner Professor receives Educational Development Award

14 November 2018

Professor Albert Van Dijk from Fenner School of Environment and Society has been awarded the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute Educational Development Award, at the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute ACT Conference 2018, held in partnership with ACT Office of the Surveyor-General and Land Information.

The Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) is the national peak body catering for the professional people who make up the spatial information industry. Their Educational Development Award is conferred on practising teachers, facilitators, or academics who have substantially contributed, through teaching, research, publication or professional activities. It acknowledges leadership not only in empowering students in the use of technologies, but also in supporting other teachers to acquire knowledge and/or promote excellence for practising academics in the fields of surveying and spatial science. ​

The award was presented by Hon. Alistair Coe, Leader of Opposition -ACT Legislative Assembly and SSSI President Dr Zaffar S Mohamed Ghouse

Professor Albert Van Dijk established and leads the Centre for Water and Landscape Dynamics at the Fenner School of Environment and Society at Australian National University.

Professor Van Dijk has authored more than 130 publications. His research often addresses the interaction between vegetation and the hydrological cycle and related processes, such as soil erosion, nutrient cycling, salinity, the surface energy balance, the carbon cycle, fire risk, biodiversity, ecological resilience, and crop growth. He has a passion for practical research applications, including the observation and forecasting of natural hazards, water resources, environmental condition and agricultural production. The theory and technology involved are drawn from environmental science and management, satellite remote sensing, IT, statistics and simulation modelling. Professor Van Dijk was inaugural chair and is currently co-chair of the Australian Energy and Water Exchange Initiative.