Students awarded funding to attend International Forestry Symposium

24 July 2018

Coordinators of the Fenner School Local Committee for the International Forestry Students’ Association, Jia Yi Chew and Karen Khoo, have received a SEEF grant to attend the 2018 International Forestry Students’ Symposium (IFSS), held from 6th- 21st August in Mexico City.

This event brings together over a hundred forestry and environment students from all over the world with two jam-packed weeks of knowledge exchange workshops and forestry activities.

“We’re really excited about this opportunity. It’s a stimulating space to be discussing new ideas and we’ll be able to experience the culture and forestry industry of Mexico in person.” Says Khoo, who is studying a Graduate Diploma of Sicence with a view to moving into a Master of Environment.

IFSS also includes the IFSA General Assembly which discusses the governance aspects of the student organisation as a whole.

“IFSA offers a variety of capacity building opportunities and this past year working as the Head of the Communications Commission in IFSA has developed my leadership and time management skills.” Adds Chew, a Master of Forestry student.

At IFSS, Karen and Jia Yi plan to connect with other forestry students and bring back the knowledge gained to the student community at ANU. They will also be presenting information on forestry industry in Australia at the symposium. While there, the students will be making a bid to host the next Symposium.

IFSA @ ANU is a platform for connecting ANU students students international opportunities related to forestry and the environment (like IFSS), in addition to internships at international organisations such as CIFOR and IUFRO. If you’d like more information, want to be notified of opportunities, or would like to become involved with IFSA @ ANU, you can email

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