Dr James Latimer

BSc 1st Hons (Monash University); BE 1st Hons (Monash University)
Lecturer, Laboratory Manager (on leave)

James Latimer is an early career academic at The Fenner School in the field of biogeochemistry. He completed his PhD at the Fenner School and CSIRO in 2021 on nitrogen dynamics in agricultural systems, and has previously completed honours degrees in Science (Geology) and Environmental Engineering. James convenes ENVS3016/ENGN3902 Environmental Chemistry and System, which explores how chemistry can be used to improve land management decisions in a range of environmental contexts.

James also manages the Fenner School’s laboratory facilities, overseeing operations, purchasing, compliance and inductions.

Contact James for:

  • Laboratory inductions
  • Advice on environmental sample collection and preservation
  • Assistance planning and executing chemical analyses
  • Advise on the Fenner School’s laboratory analytical capabilities
  • Research collaborations in biogeochemistry
  • Supervision in physical environmental science project involving soils, waters or rocks
  • Discussions on the intersection between components of the Earth system