Dr Awadhesh Prasad

BE(Civil) (Ranchi Uni), PGDCA, (I.Gandi Uni), MSc(Hydrology) (Flinders), MELaw (ANU), PhD (ANU)
Honorary Lecturer

Awadhesh Prasad has over two decades of experience in the environment sector in research, policy development and program and administration. For major part of his career, he has been working with the Murray-Darling Basin (MDB) Authority (MDBA) – an independent authority responsible for the integrated planning and management of the water resources of the MDB.  Here, he has been instrumental in implementation the MDB Cap on diversions —a pioneering environmental policy that provided the basis for sustainable water management in the MDB. Awadhesh has also made international professional contributions to sustainable environmental management through UNESCO. In his early career, Awadhesh worked for a decade in India in the public sector.

Research interests

      • Water Resource Management - Science (surface water and groundwater), policy development and implementation and evaluation
      • Environmental policies and sustainable development
      • Environmental Auditing (compliance and performance)
      • Public sector performance evaluation and auditing

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