Dr Jack Pezzey

B.A. (Mathematics) Cambridge UK, M.Sc. (Economics) London UK, Ph.D. (Economics) Bristol UK
Honorary Associate Professor

I joined the ANU in 1999 after posts at the Universities of Colorado, Bristol, London and York, following a decade in the UK Civil Service as a meteorologist, energy analyst and environmental economist. I have a BA in applied mathematics and theoretical physics from the University of Cambridge; and a PhD in economics from the University of Bristol, focusing on the theory of sustainability and environmental policies. I have received numerous research awards from prestigious institutions in the UK, USA and Australia, and have authored over 25 highly-cited journal articles and other papers on environmental and ecological economics, with a focus in the last decade on climate economics. For full CV see http://people.anu.edu.au/jack.pezzey/PezzeyCVmed.pdf, downloadable from my personal website, http://people.anu.edu.au/jack.pezzey/

Research interests

My main research interest is the sustainability of world civilisation in the face of environmental resource constraints over the next century or two, combining contrasting insights from mainstream ("neoclassical") and ecological economics. More particularly it is on the economics of sustainability concepts at global and national levels, and applying these concepts to national income accounting and sustainability policies. My secondary research interest is the political economy of pollution taxes, especially the comparison between a carbon (emissions) tax and a (carbon) emissions trading scheme for curbing global warming.

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