Dr John Dore

PhD, MEnv Manag and Devel (ANU); BAgSci (Melb)
Honorary Associate Professor

John Dore's academic work in deliberative water governance complement his day-to-day engagement in international water diplomacy. John's publishing focuses on negotiation, deliberation and scale, unravelling transboundary water governance complexes and water diplomacy. His work includes a focus on constructive engagement in water governance arenas through promotion of processes that are inclusive, informed and accountable.

John is the Lead Water Specialist for Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, based in Bangkok, working primarily across East Asia and South Asia. Roles prior to DFAT have included leading the IUCN Asia Water Program and the M-POWER (Mekong Program on Water Environment and Resilience) governance network. John also serves on the editorial board of the Water Alternatives journal, and is an associate of the University of Canberra's Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis - Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance.

PhD from ANU that undertook critical political analysis and carried a commitment to deliberative democracy in exploring reality and options for constructive engagement in Asian water-related governance.

Master of Environmental Management and Development from ANU, which included a thesis focused on social-economic-environmental integration and sustainability quests at the sub-national level across Australia.

Bachelor of Agricultural Science, a broad-ranging undergraduate degree (including biochemistry, economics and engineering) from the University of Melbourne.

Asialink Weary Dunlop Fellow. [The Dunlop Asia Fellowships provide opportunities for Australians committed to making a lasting contribution to Australia-Asia relations].

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Available student projects

Available to assist post-graduate students investigating water, energy, climate, environment issues in Asia and Australia.

Current student projects

PhD supervisory panel member for Mr Kanya Souksakoun from Lao PDR.