Mr Daniel Florance

Research Officer

Dan has worked for the Conservation and Landscape Ecology (CLE) group since 2012. He completed a Bachelor of Environmental Science at Sydney University (Hons) in 2010. His honours research investigated the role of agricultural intensification in the spread of the highly invasive cane toad in grazing country of the Northern Territory. Following this, Dan worked in bushland restoration for a couple of years before joining the NSW Catchment Management Authority in 2011 working closely with the CLE group on the Box Gum Grassy Woodland Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP).

Since 2012 Dan has worked as a senior research officer with CLE where he manages the Environmental Stewardship Programme and the Grazing monitoring study. In addition to managing these projects, Dan works closely on the team’s other long-term monitoring studies. Dan has a keen interest in conservation in the agricultural landscape and researching practical approaches to integrating both conservation and agriculture.

You can read more about Dan and his research at