Steve Leahy

Senior IT Officer

Steve is one of those scary computer-literate environmental scientists who would have taken over the world, if their energies hadn't been channelled into other areas such as IT support.

His only interest is improving the IT literacy of Fenner School staff and students (this seems to be working, because over the past year he found some time for other things like virtualising the remaining Fenner School IT server infrastructure, and replacing the Fenner School's print-quota-ing system). And making computers do what he expects...

Amongst his interests are ensuring people learn how to use their computers properly; forcing said computers into behaving themselves; making sensible use of multi-media systems; further simplifying the administration of the Fenner School computer servers; occasionally making the acquaintance of a thesaurus; running around the house cleaning up after the child; paraphrasing Monty Python where-ever it seems appropriate; boldly splitting infinitives where no-one has split them before; recycling most of his BIO from an old Fenner School yearbook entry; and writing about himself somewhat facetiously in the third-person.