Paul Elton

PhD Student

Paul Elton is a PhD student, a non-executive director, and an adviser on nature conservation and climate action; living and working on Eora, Yuin, and Ngunnawal Country.

Paul’s research seeks to better understand options for public funding and reforms to enable Australian governments to achieve the conservation objectives of the Global Biodiversity Framework to halt and reverse biodiversity loss in Australia; and what may be required to catalyse urgent and transformative action. Paul’s research will also seek to better understand the extent to which private funding and the potential to reform or repurpose biodiversity harmful subsidies may contribute to these objectives and reduce the call on governments’ budgets.

Paul is also a non-executive director with Greening Australia, which works on restoration programs, nature-based solutions to climate change, and native seed production here in Australia; and with NatureCo, a global for-purpose business which works to deliver high-integrity and high-impact nature-based carbon projects in the Asia-Pacific, Africa, and Latin America.



Elton P and Fitzsimons JA (2023). Framework features enabling faster establishment and better management of privately protected areas in New South Wales, Australia. Frontiers in Conservation Science. 4:1277254. doi: 10.3389/fcosc.2023.1277254