iCAM is committed to client-driven, project-based and stakeholder-focussed activities, without compromising the pursuit of high-quality research, training and teaching. This can only be achieved by strategic partnering with key agencies and research institutions, both domestic and international.


iCAM's preference is to work with key agencies, research institutions and research sponsors committed to developing high quality scientific outcomes that can be delivered efficiently and effectively to natural resource managers in Australia and overseas.

Consulting services

Consultancies are regularly undertaken and can be provided, especially when they align closely with strategic interests.

Training & education services

iCAM provides training and education services in several areas. It can provide courses in:

  • hydrology
  • environmental and scientific modelling
  • integrated catchment management and assessment
  • integration methods, incl. decision networks and coupling complex models.

If you are interested in participating with us, please get in touch.