Landscape rehabilitation projects (Environment, Farming & Society)

A range of post-grad projects that can be formulated to suit Honours, Masters or PhD.

The projects will focus on four main themes -

  • Productivity – farm and natural capital, including soil health​
  • Hydrological – surface & sub-surface water balance & quality​
  • Ecological Function – diversity & abundance​
  • Social Capital – people, adapting to change and adopting new methods​


Themes are underpinned by broad focus areas

  • improve measures of hydrological function at multiple scales​
    This project is focusing on understanding the dynamics of the water movements and quality within the catchments.​
  • Be a catalyst for improving community engagement and cohesion within the catchment ​
    This project is focusing on understanding how the MRI attitudes. approach can improve Social Capital , Landholder participation and landholder ​
  • Significantly improve native floral and faunal diversity and abundance
    This project is focussing on understanding the dynamics of the flora and fauna of the catchment.​
  • Improve farm productivity & productivity and soil health. profitability
    This project is focusing on the combined adoption of Mulloon pasture management practices and catchment hydrology manipulation to improve: agricultural ​
There are numerous types of projects which can be undertaken, as per the examples below, however other project options related to the Themes will be considered:
  • Landscape Function Analysis
  • Bird Survey Analysis
  • Satellite Analysis of Riparian Vegetation Cover
  • Rapid Stream Appraisal
  • Conduct and Assess Water Balance Model APSIM SoilWAT
  • Assess soil water infiltration rates across the floodplains
  • Soil characterisation and calibration of Sentek soil moisture sensors
  • Satellite Analysis of Floodplain Vegetation Cover Change
  • Satellite Analysis of Floodplain Vegetation Biomass
  • Assessing catchment hydrology response to landscape rehydration actions
  • Assessing climate station datasets to calculate important metrics for application for farmers 

These can be done at various scales, including that of the catchment, property or subset management areas.

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