Bachelor degrees & honours

Our programs and courses combine environmental science, policy and social sciences to provide you with diverse perspectives on current and emerging environmental issues.

Why study environmental science?

Why study the environment & sustainability at ANU?

As an environment and sustainability student you’ll learn how to address complex challenges of sustainability from leading experts in the fields of environmental science and sustainability research and innovation.

We are ranked 1st in Australia and in the top 20 worldwide for Geography, Agriculture and Forestry, and in the top 25 universities globally for Environmental Science (QS World Rankings by Subject 2018).

Our research-led, field-based teaching approach means you’ll get to put theory into practice and gain hands-on, practical experience outside of the classroom. We offer a range of fieldwork activities in coastal, wetland, woodland and alpine environments.

Whether you’re interested in understanding the impact of changing climate on the functioning of ecosystems at the South Coast, the complex social pressures associated with managing the Australian alpine region or food production in Vietnam, there are a range of field-based activities for you to choose from.

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Career opportunities

As environment and sustainability issues become more prominent, there is increasing demand for graduates with environmental knowledge and ‘green’ skills.

As an environment and sustainability graduate from ANU, you’ll be equipped with the problem-solving and technical skills you need to develop sustainable policies, plans and solutions to address contemporary environmental challenges.

Our graduates can be found working in urban planning, coastal and marine management, land and water management, environmental consulting, international development, wildlife conservation, climate change adaptation consulting and environmental law and policy.

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Majors and minors

If you’re studying a Bachelor of Environment and Sustainability or Bachelor of Environment and Sustainability (Advanced) (Honours), you can choose from a range of majors and minors, including Environmental Science, Resource and Environmental Management, Biodiversity Conservation and Management, Climate Science and Policy, Sustainable Development, and Water Science and Policy.

Environment and sustainability majors and minors are also available to students in other degree programs.

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Explore the full range of environment and sustainability courses based on your interests and career goals.

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Flexible Double Degrees

Bachelor of Environment and Sustainability / Bachelor of Laws (Honours)

If you’re interested in law and passionate about the environment, this double degree will allow you to develop specialist skills in environmental management, policy and law. 

Careers: Environment Lawyer, Environmental Protection Advisor, Intelligence Analyst, Energy and Environment Policy Advisor, Regulatory Compliance Manager

Bachelor of Environment and Sustainability / Bachelor of Commerce

Want to be a corporate high-flyer and save the planet? Combine your studies in commerce with a degree in environment and sustainability and you’ll be equipped to meet the growing corporate demand for environmental knowledge and expertise.

Careers: Environmental Accountant, Sustainable Procurement Manager, Regional Environment Manager, Sustainability Consultant

Bachelor of Environment and Sustainability / Bachelor of International Security Studies

Are you interested in foreign policy? Do you see yourself working in Foreign Affairs or the United Nations? Food and water security are two of the biggest global security threats of our time. Gain in-depth knowledge of the environmental, social, economic and political aspects of food and water security and help shape Australia's security future.

Careers: Senior Policy Officer in Foreign Affairs, Security Information Analyst, Intelligence Officer, Sustainable Development Advisor.

Undergraduate research and honours

Looking for that little bit extra in your degree?

Undergraduate research and honours degrees are designed to provide high-achieving students with advanced study options and the opportunity to undertake a research project during their degree.

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