Dr Elle Bowd

BSc (Hons, DU), PhD (ANU)
Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Dr. Elle Bowd is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Fenner School of Environment & Society, Australian National University. She works across several ecological research projects in Australian eucalypt forests and woodlands. These include projects in Booderee National Park, rural NSW temperate woodlands and the long-term monitoring research program in the Mountain Ash forests in Victoria led by Prof. David Lindenmayer.

Dr. Bowd’s primary research focus has been on understanding how ecosystems respond to and recover from disturbances including wildfire and logging. She has a long-standing interest in forest and woodland ecology and above and below-ground ecological interactions. Dr. Bowd has multidisciplinary research experience including on fungal ecology, soil ecology, ecological management and restoration, and vegetation science. She completed her PhD in 2020, which focused on exploring above and below-ground responses to forest disturbances.

Research interests

Thesis title

The Untold Story of Underground Communities: Fungi and Soil Seed-banks in Mountain Ash forest

Thesis description

Elle is interested in determining the disturbance thresholds and successional trajectories of two important underground forest communities: soil seed-banks and fungi. Through her research she aims to bring attention to these often forgotten communities in a functional and conservational context.


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