Dr Pablo Rozas Larraondo

PhD Computer Science
Research Fellow

Pablo Larraondo has an MSc in Distributed Systems (2011) from the University of Navarra and PhD in Computer Science (2019) from the University of the Basque Country, in Spain. His PhD research addressed the application of machine learning techniques to analyse weather forecasting data.

Pablo has more than 15 years experience as a scientific software developer. He started his career at the Spanish (AEMET) and European (ECMWF) weather forecasting centres, and subsequently worked at CSIRO and the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI). His focus was on developing large scale software systems to process massive remote sensing and weather data.

Pablo's research interest are in developing and combining large scale data processing systems and machine learning methodologies to understand the relationship between dynamic processes in the atmosphere and at the Earth's surface.

Research interests

Application of machine learning to weather and remote sensing data.

Distributed and on-demand computing of geospatial data.

Multidimensional array data formats and compression.

  • Rozas Larraondo, P, Inza, I & Lozano, J 2018, 'A system for airport weather forecasting based on circular regression trees', Environmental Modelling and Software, vol. 100, pp. 24-32pp.