Professor Katherine Daniell

BEng (Civil) (Hons) / BA (Adel.), PhD (ANU/AgroParisTech, France)

Prof Katherine Daniell is an Associate Professor in the Fenner School of Environment & Society and the Research Lead at the 3A Institute - the ANU's first innovation institute with the mission of building a new applied science to 'manage the machines'.

Prof Daniell's current research focusses on the challenges of implementing collaborative approaches to policy and action for sustainable development. In this field, she has recently worked in Europe and the Asia-Pacific on projects related to international science and technology cooperation, water governance, risk management, sustainable urban development and climate change adaptation.

Prof Daniell has produced over 100 academic publications, including 4 books and a diverse range of book chapters, papers, reports and edited collections.

In research management and cooperation building roles, Prof Daniell has been the ANU's European Research Development Manager and is currently President of the Australian-French Association for Research and Innovation (AFRAN) Inc.

She has previously worked in the ANU's Centre for European Studies, Centre for Policy Innovation and the H.C. Coombs Policy Forum at the Crawford School of Public Policy on a range of Australian Public Service - ANU and international cooperation projects, including the PACE-Net and PACE-Net+ EU projects on developing Pacific-European bi-regional dialogue on science, technology and innovation.

She has previously taught executive development courses for the Australian National Institute for Public Policy (ANIPP) on multi-level governance and convened Masters and undergraduate courses in the Fenner School on Environmental Policy and Participatory Resource Management.

Prof Daniell has received many awards and honours for her work including a John Monash Scholarship and election as a Fellow of the Peter Cullen Water and Environment Trust. She has served on the ACT (2009-2011, 2015-2016) and National (2013-2014) Selection Panels for the John Monash Scholarships.

Prof Daniell currently serves as a member of the National Committee on Water Engineering (Engineers Australia), Director and Board Member of the Peter Cullen Water and Environment Trust, a member of the Initiatives of the Future of Great Rivers and is the Editor of the Australasian Journal of Water Resources.

Research interests

  • Politics and cultures of innovation
  • Multi-level governance and inter-organisational cooperation
  • Water and environmental policy, engineering and management
  • Sustainability theory and practice: strategic planning, risk assessment, evaluation programs
  • Design and coordination of participatory processes for decision-aiding and conflict management
  • Leadership, futures-thinking, capacity building, education and knowledge management.

Projects and Grants


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