Aaron Tang

PhD Student

Aaron is an interdisciplinary PhD Scholar investigating the governance of climate altering technologies that draw down greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and reflect solar energy away from the Earth (also known as climate engineering). Avoiding the worst impacts of climate change requires developing and implementing these technologies at an unprecedented pace. However, these technologies may also introduce new risks. Aaron looks across the history of technological development to inform effective and feasible governance of these emerging technologies.

In addition to looking at the past, his research extends to the future. Aaron explores the possible global catastrophic effects of these technologies. This focuses on systemic interactions and low probability high impact scenarios of future deployments.

Aaron completed a Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) in International Relations and Geography at the Australian National University in 2017. Aaron's Honours thesis investigated how legal disputes under the World Trade Organisation overlap with environmental policy.

Aaron is the Lecturer and Course Coordinator of ENVS3020/6307: Climate Change Science & Policy.