Neil Sutherland

BTEC(Hgr)Agr, PGDipLanWatMan, MScEnvMan, CPAg MAIAS
PhD Student

I am a practising scientist and an expert witness in Australia and overseas in soil, surface and groundwater interactions in both private and public sectors.  With colleagues, I specialise in land resource, soil and water assessments and providing environmental management services to miners, planners, engineers, developers, surveyors, financial institutions, farmers, statutory authorities and community groups.  My interests include agriculture, contamination, drainage, hydrology, hydrogeology, irrigation management, soil science, water resource management.

Research interests


PhD (Env & Nat Res Mgmt, FSES)

Thesis description

Comparative modelling of surface water, groundwater interactions and agricultural use in the Hunter Valley with other locations and competing land uses.