Centre for Water and Landscape Dynamics

The Centre for Water and Landscape Dynamics (WALD) sits within the Fenner School of Environment & Society, and combines satellite observations, field data and prediction models to measure, monitor and forecast natural hazards, natural resources and the environment. WALD's 20-odd members develop world-leading observation technology and real-time environmental information systems to manage bushfire risk, extreme weather, water resources, agriculture, forestry and natural ecosystems.

Current projects include the following -

  • Improving spatial water information through data assimilation
  • Australia’s Environment: routine, comprehensive national reporting
  • The Australian Flammability Monitoring System
  • Extreme rainfall warning through satellite remote sensing
  • Automated burn mapping with Digital Earth Australia
  • Remotely sensing flood dynamics in the northern Murray-Darling Basin
  • Water license compliance monitoring from space
  • Environmental modelling software: W3 and OzWALD
  • Soil moisture forecasting at property level
  • Satellite-based river gauging
  • The Forest Spectroscope
  • Phenomic and Environmental Sensor Array

For detailed descriptions please see the Centre for Water and Landscape Dynamics website.