Pumped Storage Hydropower Group

The pumped storage hydropower group has a very high level of expertise in modelling for pumped storage hydropower (PSH) as well as in PSH policy and regulation analysis and development. These expertise sets are invaluable in supporting the transition to primarily solar- and wind-based electricity generators, primarily because of the need to store excess electricity generation for times of low generation/high demand. The group has expertise in social and environmental governance as well as in mapping/surveying and providing basic cost estimates for potential PSH sites. This includes having developed the global PSH atlas, which has mapped 616,000 PSH sites around the world. The group has shown itself to be adept at forming strong, constructive relationships with partner organisations and key stakeholders such as government energy experts in South and Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim.

The group is engaged in or has completed the following activities:

  1. Development of a global green fields PSH atlas
  2. Development of blue fields (using existing water bodies for at least one reservoir) atlases for select countries/areas including Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim State (India), Australia
  3. Status and potential for APEC economies plus Myanmar, Cambodia, Lao PDR
  4. Pumped storage hydropower in the Himalayas (Sikkim State, India; Nepal; Bhutan) to accelerate the transition to zero/low carbon electricity grids in the region
  5. Water-energy integration options to support the Mekong River Commission’s Proactive Regional Planning (PRP)
  6. Many publications and communications outputs on the above activities as well as on renewable energy and electrical energy storage.