ACT Tree Week Seminar

The relationship between education and ‘pro-environment’ behaviour is complex, and has been little-investigated for the specific case of forests. In a chapter for a soon-to-be-published book1, Peter Kanowski and Dollie Yao explored this topic as part of an international collaboration supported by IUFRO (International Union of Forest Research Organisations) addressing each of the Sustainable Development Goals and forests. Dollie continued this exploration in a case study of Australian higher secondary education and forests.

Peter and Dollie will report on the key learnings from each of these studies.

All welcome; followed by light refreshments


About the speakers

Peter Kanowski is Professor of Forestry at the ANU; he has researched and delivered forestry education for 30 years.

Dollie Yao is a M Environment (Advanced) candidate whose dissertation explored how forests are represented in Australian senior secondary school curricula.


1Forthcoming book: Katila et el (eds). 2019. Sustainable Development Goals: Their Impacts on Forests and People. Cambridge.