ANU Open Week 2020

Open Week is all about learning why ANU is the university for you!

The Fenner School of Environment & Society has a range of virtual activities, with interactive webinars, panel sessions, Instagram Live sessions, and podcasts and videos.

To join any of the sessions, please visit the ANU Open Week website.




Saturday 22 August 10:00 Instagram ask me anything session - Niam Foxcroft (3rd Year Undergraduate in Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Environmental Sustainability) on being a Fenner undergraduate and a regional student Niam Foxcroft
  15:00 Instagram Live session - Dr Matt Brookhouse on studying his Environmental Science Undergrad course (a taster of fieldwork) Dr Matt Brookhouse
Sunday 23 August 10:00 Instagram Live session - Bushwalking, Bettongs, and Bunyips 'Adventures at Mulligans Flat' “Mulligang” researchers / Linda Neaves
Monday 24 August 11:00 Panel Session - Managing bushfires – how the Fenner School of Environment & Society research is changing how we think about fire Associate Prof Geoff Cary / Dr Marta Yebra / Prof Phil Gibbons / David Lindenmayer
  12:30 Keynote seminar - Can Australia save the Murray-Darling Basin? Prof Jamie Pittock
  14:00 Instagram Live - Possums of ANU! Prof Phil Gibbons / Yee Seng Tay

Want to study Environmental Science? – Putting together your undergraduate degree

Dr Craig Strong / Harriet Torrens / Rachel Larobina
Tuesday 25 August 12:00 Panel Session - Why studying sustainable development can help solve our global challenges – your first year at the Fenner School of Environment & Society Prof Jamie Pittock / Associate Prof Lorrae Van Kerkhoff / Dr Beck Pearse    
  13:00 Panel Session - Conservation in the 21st century – Conducting fieldwork in Environmental Science Dr Ben Scheele / Dr Craig Strong / Prof David Lindenmayer / Natasha Robinson    
Wednesday 26 August 11:00 Keynote Seminar - New insights into bushfire recovery Prof David Lindenmayer
  16:00 Panel Session - Forest Science - Forestry in the 21st Century Prof Peter Kanowski / Dr Matt Brookhouse / Depi Susilawati
Thursday 27 August 11:00 Panel Session - Honours and Masters at the Fenner School of Environment & Society Dr Sara Beavis / Dr Rob Dyball / Sam Provost
  13:00 Panel Session - Climate science - understanding our greatest challenge Prof Mark Howden / Dr Joelle Gergis / Dr Steven Crimp
  18:00 Panel Session - Understanding Food Systems Bronwyn Wilkes / Dr Rob Dyball / Dr Craig Strong