Fenner Seminar - The Science behind Singapore’s City in Nature

This seminar will be held in person and online via Zoom.

The National Parks Board (NParks) Singapore is responsible for enhancing and managing the urban ecosystems of Singapore, a City in Nature. NParks is the lead agency for greenery, biodiversity conservation, and wildlife and animal health, welfare and management, and works closely with the community to enhance the quality of our living environment.

This seminar will touch on the science behind Singapore’s City in Nature, a concerted effort to restore nature into the City. It will focus on the efforts in research pertaining to conservation planning, and nature and people.


About the speaker

Kenneth joined National Parks Board (NParks) in 1997. He was, inter alia, actively involved in the planning, implementation and management of our parks and streetscapes. In 2003, he was posted to the Ministry of National Development’s Infrastructure Division where he worked, overseeing policy formulation and review of legislation pertaining to greenery infrastructure as well as issues in the agri-veterinary and building and construction sectors. On his return to NParks, he was subsequently appointed Assistant CEO (Corporate Development and Services) and was concurrently tasked to be the General Manager in the development of the Gardens by the Bay. In 2012, Kenneth was appointed Chief Operating Officer of Gardens by the Bay. In Feb 2014. Kenneth returned to NParks and was appointed to his present position as Chief Executive Officer, NParks.

NParks is the lead agency overseeing the greenery of our City in Nature and biodiversity conservation in land-scarce Singapore. NParks manages about 400 parks, 4 nature reserves, extensive streetscape/roadside greenery and our island-wide Park Connector Network. NParks plays a critical role in enhancing the competencies of the landscape and horticulture industry through training, certification and applied research. NParks is also in-charge of veterinary services and animal management.

Kenneth has a Forestry (Hons) degree from the Australian National University. He was awarded the University Medal and the Schlich Medal in 1995. His research interests have been in conservation and ecology of urban ecosystems, including urban bird ecology, tree management, nature and people.