The Future of energy in a changing world

This public seminar will address issues surrounding Energy.

Ken Baldwin, Director of the Energy Change Institute at ANU & Deputy Director of the ANU Research School of Physics and Engineering, will present potential future scenarios surrounding the upcoming transformation in Australia¹s energy mix as new sources of energy are introduced, and as the nation moves towards a low-carbon economy.  He will also examine the prospects for Australia¹s energy future arising from advances in technology, as well as changes in human behaviour and other global trends.   

Karen Hussey, Fenner School, will look at the current developments being witnessed with the shift away from a focus on sustainable development, to a focus on climate change; and the realisation that combating climate change will transform the energy sector. Changes to the energy sector will have consequences for the water sector, and that link leads to the further realisation that developments in the climate, energy and water sectors all have implications for agricultural production, specifically food, as well as biodiversity and health.  

Finally Jemma Williams, Fenner School, will present research findings from a case study of the Australian Capital Region, which critically analyses the role of the Clean Energy Future plan, enacted in November 2011, to underpin the development of renewable energy policy in Australia and seeks to understand how such policy might be enhanced in the future.

Jamie Pittock, Fenner School, will be host and co-ordinator.