Improving public preparedness through national public awareness campaigns

Preparing for and responding to floods, fires and other hazards is not just a matter for government but is a responsibility shared across all levels of the community. Developing resilient communities where people understand their risks, have taken steps to anticipate disasters and to protect themselves and work with their neighbours, local leaders and with the emergency services to prepare for and deal with disasters is the ultimate goal of current government policy.

Communicating with communities to help them understand those risks, what they can expect from government and what they can do to help themselves is a critical step in achieving those objectives. This lecture will be of interest to anyone who needs to bring the community together to achieve common goals.

Robert Jensen is Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs with the United States’ Department of Homeland Security. He has over 32 years’ experience as a professional communicator including service in three US Government Departments and the White House. His experience includes leading multiple national awareness campaigns as well as coordinating government information campaigns following the Haiti earthquake and the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster.