R&R - FSES Regional and Remote Online Check-in

Studying at Fenner but you’re not on campus? Hang with fellow Fenner students whose university life is also via the internet.

Every month we kick off with short introductions, race through an online treasure hunt set by Fenner staff, and present our finds to each other from across the interwebs. After a wind down we log off, and do it all again in a month. It's a great way to meet fellow off-campus students, and build a Fenner community together.

Once everyone has made it to campus, anyone who attends these sessions will be invited to a catered in-person meet up in 2022.

5pm - 6pm AEST
11.30am - 12.30pm India Standard Time
2pm - 3pm China Standard Time/Singapore Standard Time
3pm - 4pm WIT (Eastern Indonesia Time)
7am - 8am BST

Friday 29 October
Friday 19 November
Friday 10 December