Seminar - Creating a balanced innovation investment portfolio for future agri-food systems

This seminar will be held in person and online via Zoom.

Recent analyses identify that only 7% of the current $60B of investment in innovation in the agrifood systems of developing economies have specific environmental objectives (Dalberg Asia, 2021). In addition, less than half of these investments have any intrenched social objectives (Dalberg Asia, 2021).

As investment grows to fill the identified $15B gap (Rosegrant et al, 2021) and to ensure a reduction of the climate finance gap (IPCC, 2022), it is critical that the investment portfolios developed and managed by national governments, private sector, development partners and private equity consider formal ways to measure and improve sustainable innovation impact. As the investment portfolio become balanced to ensure economic, environmental and social outcomes, both “green innovations” and the role of the private sector integrated into a multi-stakeholder partnership approach will be a key part of producing sustainable agrifood systems.

This approach will enable future agrifood systems to deliver productivity growth, improved livelihoods for those involved, contribute to global food and nutritional security and most importantly reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG).

A number of key success factors, including the role of leadership through the innovation process, have been identified to improve the sustainable impact of innovation. These success factors in innovation pathways across technology, finance, policy and capacity building will be discussed to support investors and implementers achieve more sustainable impact at scale.


About the speaker

Mr. David Shearer is an international food and agribusiness development professional with over 20 years of experience developing strategies and partnerships and managing complex programs across Asia, Africa and the Pacific that deliver impact.

He has a sophisticated understanding of using innovative approaches to address the challenges of improving livelihoods, ending hunger and alleviating poverty and building collaborative partnerships in both the public and private sectors to deliver results and impact. He has worked with the highest levels of government and industry to effectively bring together resources and partnerships to have impact on global challenges and transforming organizations.

Dave is currently a PhD candidate within the Fenner School.