Booderee National Park & Surrounds

Researchers undertake projects to study biodiversity and the impacts of fire and invasive animal and plant control on mammals, birds and reptiles inhabiting a range of vegetation types at Booderee National Park and Beecroft Weapons Range near Jervis Bay on the Southern coast of NSW, Australia.

The work around Jervis Bay encompasses a range of studies. These include:

  • Long-term monitoring of the responses to fire of birds, mammals, reptiles, frogs, and plants.
  • The response of the Long-nosed Bandicoot to burnt environments
  • Ringtail Possum nesting habits
  • Diamond Python spatial ecology
  • The impacts of spatial heterogeneity in vegetation cover on mammals and birds
  • The impacts of fire on amphibians
  • The spatial ecology and genetics of small terrestrial mammals
  • The effects of urbanisation on vertebrates
  • The mitigation of military training effects on environmental values
  • Interspecific competition between mammal species
  • Fire effects and macropod responses