Sustainable Farms

Sustainable Farms draws upon research programs across the Australian National University, focussing on three key research topics:

Healthy Farms:  Monitoring biodiversity and valuing ecosystem services in production landscapes

Healthy Farmers: Exploring links between farmer mental health and natural resource management.

Healthy Profits: Estimating the value of natural assets for farm profitability and financial resilience, and identifying financial tools to support farmers.

Some of the types of projects include:

  • Farm dam enhancements to provide higher quality drinking water, farm productivity and native wildlife habitat
  • Revegetation for increased biodiversity
  • Management of rocky outcrops for farm biodiversity and nutrient cycling
  • Studying the application of ‘shelter belts’ on farms to reduce moisture loss and protect livestock from windchill
  • The conservation and management of scattered paddock trees
  • Application of riparian Restoration (revegetation corridors along streams and rivers)
  • Drought resilience

For detailed information please see the Sustainable Farms website.